John Jensen
Book Translations

I, Immigrant. Umberto Fabbri. Semi-autobiographacal story of a Brazilian immigrant who successfully integrates into life in the United States. Middletown, DE: RMF Books, 2015.

The following titles, all from Spiritist author Umberto Fabbri, wrap the teachings of Allan Kardek's Spiritism into engaging book-length narratives.  All have been psychographed from spiritual mentors. They are awaiting publication and were written from 2015 to the present. No covers yet available.

A Executiva. Umberto Fabbri. Story of a powerful female executive who
dies and suffers the consequences of her life on the other side, essentially as a ghost in her former world.

The Magician. Umberto Fabbri. A story set iln 18th Century France about
a young man who becomes a sorcerer.

Sin and  Punishment. Umberto Fabbri. Another story set in 18th Century France,
telling of a man who loses his daughter and wife and then goes to Paris seeking
first information and then revenge. 

Love and Betrayal. Umberto Fabbri. A story set in modern-day Brazil, of two young men, at first best friends, but who have a fallout over a girl, resulting in serious betrayal, with lots of participation of spirits from the other side. 

In the Time of Jesus.  Umberto Fabbri. Immediately after the crucification of Jesus, a family man gets embroiled in the struggle between the Jews and their Roman conquerors.

Slaves of Hate. Umberto Fabbri. A young man is taken with most of his tribe from Africa to be a slave on an American plantation in the 18th or 19th Century. He rebels and escapes, seeking vengeance on those who did him wrong. 

Parc Royal. Marissa Gorbery. Account of customs and, primarily, clothing adopted by the elite in Rio de Janeiro in the early 20th Century, told as a history of a major department store in Rio. Richly illustrated. Bilingual edition. Rio: G. Ermakoff Casa Editorial, 2013.