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 John Jensen, Translation and Interpretation

Welcome to my website.  I work with Portuguese, Spanish, and English, doing interpretation  (both simultaneous and consecutive) among all three languages, and written translation primarily into English, my native tongue.  I hold a Ph.D from Harvard University and have enjoyed a career as a university professor, as well as part-time activity as a translator and interpreter. My first published translation appeared in 1969 (a series of academic articles), and I did my first conference interpretation job in 1980.  Having retired from Florida International University in 2010, since then I have been engaged full time in Translation and Interpretation. 

As part of my university work, I developed a program in Portuguese T & I courses and taught courses in Spanish interpreting as well.  I have also published on translation/interpretation topics, as well as on my basic research fields in linguistics. 

In interpretation I have done major international conferences, such as with the Inter American Press Association, the Organization of American States, the Earth Summit, Group of Rio, Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, Ibero-American Summit, and many others, and have traveled on assignment throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, El Salvador, and Venezuela), as well to Spain, Austria, and India.  Most of my interpreting work is for business--banking, retailing, information technology, multi-level marketing, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, etc. I also have significant experience in military and academic conferences. I have done TV work, including the Show de Cristina (three times--Univisión), Titanic Live! (Discovery Channel), various news events (Telemundo), and the  Royal Wedding of Will and Kate, the Latin Billboards, Red Carpet and Fashion Police programs (E! Channel).  

As a translator (written word), I have done virtually everything from technical manuals, internal bank documents, correspondence, training materials, and literature, including 14 books and two versions of a musical play.  Please check out the links for more information.


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