John Jensen
Book Translations


   These are a few books (and a play) that I have translated:



Hidden Fortunes:  Drug Money, Cartels, and the Elite Banks. by Eduardo Varela-Cid, From Spanish. El Cid Editor, 2001.



 Secrets to Peace and Prosperity:  Five Steps to Finding Them.  By Célia Bitencourth.  New York, 2003. 





The Human Reality:  A Revelation of Interest to All.  By Clark Zinom. Victoria, BC, 2003.



The Last Songs of Autumn:  The Shadowy Story of the Mysterious Life of the Count of Lautréamont, by Ruy Câmara. Published in December, 2009. To order a copy or for more information, click here  The book is also available for download to Kindle from


Vanishing Point by Jorge de Sá Earp. A novel set in the early days of Brasília.Miami: Bahia Books and Publishing, 2014 See review.


Cisco Cândido Xavier by Umberto Fabbri. Memoirs of life with the great Brazilian Spiritist Francisco Cândido Xavier by one of his early companions. Middletown, DE: RMF Books, 2014

Francisco: El Musical by Vicenzo Cerami.  Musical play about the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Words and lyrics translated into Spanish, .Production pending.